Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Review of: Necktie Quilts Reinvented

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‘Necktie Quilts Reinvented’ by Christine Copenhaver is a new-style book about an old art, making quilts from neckties.  Copenhaver talks about choosing the ties, cleaning them, taking them apart and lining them all with fusible interfacing.  She gives cutting and piecing instructions, and then gives patterns for 16 quilt, wall hanging and table runner projects.  All of the projects are labeled by skill levels.
If you have decided to start a necktie collection or have had one given to you, Necktie Quilts Reinvented will really keep you inspired.  Everything is written step-by-step and is very clear.  It looks like a fun book to work with!


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Modern Appliqué Illusions: 12 Quilts Create Perspective & Depth by Casey York

Review of "'Modern Applique Illusions"

Modern Applique Illusions by Casey York is a great educational book for the modern quilter.  York teaches techniques that make your quilt look truly projessionally artisitic.  The nice part is that the techniques are very simple to do.
Modern Applique Illusions shows you how to make tunnels, shadows, receding landscapes, lettering shadowing, and how to make items appear smaller at the back of your quilt art, keeping the proper perspective in your pieture.
York includes 12 teaching projects, all in a simple, do-able manner.  The book makes you think a-ha- so that's how they do that!
After reading this book, I've had a project in my mind for my own art quilt, by making a tunnel, with a landscape through the door.  I'm sure you will think of something you'd like to make, also.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Creative Image Transfer: Any Artist, Any Style, Any Surface
by Lesley Riley

Creative Image Transfer by Lesley Riley is all about using a product called TAP (Transfer Artist Paper), designed by Riley.
An image can be created on TAP, using the computer, painting, drawing, or using mixed media.  The image is then pressed onto a surface, such as fabric, metal, glass, paper, wood or mica, using a dry iron.  The image is permanent, becoming part of the surface material, not just sitting on the top of the material.  When pressed onto fabric, the fabric is machine washable, and the image doesn't wash out.
Riley includes instructions for using TAP, troubleshooting tips, and a long list of projects for making, along with the directions.
This book is not just for people working with fibers, but for artists, using almost any type of medium.  I have used TAP and the product is wonderful!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Book Review of "Scrappy Bits Applique"

"Scrappy Bits Applique" by Shannon Brinkley is a fun book for quilters, especially those with a scrap pile(s) or a stash of fabrics.  Scrappy Bits Applique uses fabrics that have fusible webbing (iron on glue) on the backs, and they are applied (ironed) onto either a background fabric or a fusible interfacing.  You can either glue the pieces on to follow the lines of your picture or cover a space with your scraps and cut your design out.  I think that would be the method I would use, thinking I could make the project more precise.  After the scrap picture is attached to the background fabric, you can either top-stitch the fabrics down in a variety of methods, or if your project will have less use, tulle can be applied over the picture, and less stitching is required.
Brinkley included some color theory; using color effectively in your project, and also includes instructions for finishing your quilt.
Eight projects are included in the book, with well-written instructions, and instructions are given for making your own appplique project, using your own design.
I am currently unable to sew, but when I can again, I want to make a project using  these techniques.  The process is very artistic and is a great way to use up my scraps!


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pictorial Art Quilt Guidebook review

I have been sick for a while, so I haven't been able to post in over 6 months.  I'm not as tired now, so I'd like to get back to blogging.  Here's a great book that I'm reviewing to get started again!

Pictorial Art Quilt Guidebook

The Pictorial Art Quilt Guidebook by Leni Levenson Wiener is one of the most comprehensive and beginner-friendly pictorial art books I have seen for quilters.  Wiener begins with color theory and terminology, defining themes such as value, saturation, temperature, and more.  She then goes on to describe the types of fabrics that can represent items in your photos.  The Pictorial Art Quilt Guidebook gives guidelines on making feathers; fur; landscape features, such as sky, water, grass, and rocks; body parts- eyes, noses, hair, skin, etc. 
Wiener starts the building process using your photo, outlining, and cutting, and fusing pieces together.  She has a checklist of steps to follow in order and she also offers a free Afghan girl pattern for you to practice on .Pictorial Art Quilt Guidebook offers solutions to mistakes or errors also. Finishing techniques are demonstrated.
This is a wonderful reference book and a great book for learning to make this type of quilt..  It is the most thorough book that I have seen of this type and is worth adding to your library.


Friday, December 6, 2013

Review of 'The Loyal Union Sampler from Elm Creek Quilts'

Jennifer Chiaverini's 'Loyal Union Sampler from Elm Creek Quilts' is a great book containing 121-6" blocks made to form varied sampler quilts.  The blocks are based upon the book, 'Union Quilters', written by Chiaverini in 2011.  Just as in the Union Quilters' book, the Loyal Union Sampler blocks were created by 212 quilters, but using the same fabric sets, and a selected pattern for the quilt on the book cover.

All of the 121 blocks have detailed instructions on cutting and sewing.  Some of the blocks are well-known and traditional blocks, but many are newer blocks.  There are both easy blocks and some are more difficult to construct.  Fabric requirements are given for making an entire sampler quilt, which would be very helpful.  another nice thing about this book is that the 6" block size is interchangeable  with another Chiaverini book, Sylvia's Bridal Sampler.  You can design your own sampler quilt using your favorite blocks from each book.

Besides the sampler quilt on the book cover, Chiaverini made several other sampler quilts using bright fabrics, and they are very beautiful.

This is a very nice book for making a sampler quilt, and to stretch your piecing skills.  It will also become a favorite for civil war block collectors and quilters!


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Review of Art Quilt Maps

'Art Quilt Maps' by Valerie S. Goodwin is an excellent book for beginning art quilters.   Art Quilt Maps, like any art quilting book, does not include direct patterns on how to produce an exact replica of the artist's work.  Goodwin lists materials and how to use them, including paints, making stencils to use, fusing fibers onto your quilt, and more.  She gives ideas for developing your ideas, using actual maps, imaginary 'virtual' quilts, and a combination of the two.  You will learn to develop a background for your map, creating lines for your map, adding stones and landscape items, and how to add a translucent layer on the top of your quilt.

Goodwin does not leave you hanging when it comes to what your finished project might look like.  In Art Quilt Maps, the author has included pictures of many art quilts that she has finished and that her students have made.

I really like this book because of all the instructions and examples that Goodwin has included, and prompts for developing your own quilt inspiration.  Given that maps are everywhere, including the ones that we see in our hearts and heads, we will never run out of quilts to make!


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